Karthik Menta

Product manager


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MY value Proposition

Has ability to lead the team to answers for increasingly large problem and product areas. Considered by peers as a thoughtful partner that can easily lead and facilitate work. Can empathize with the user and drive results through data analytics, and user stories.



Immersion Project (Ongoing)

Leading development and establishing product roadmap for constructing ‘creative insight’ widgets for advertising company’s platform to drive increased conversion rates.

Big Red Hacks (2017)

Led 3-man team to build MVP of ‘foodie’ app. Assessed user stories, prioritized features, built front-end design with Bootstrap, performed user testing, defined business model.

Evil Hacks (2017)

Won 2nd place for designing an app that allows customers to instantly purchase food seen on Instagram.



Startup Experience

Dorm Room Fund (Ongoing)

Sourced, conducted due diligence and invested in pre-seed startups for a $3M fund focused on student led companies; leading to an investment of $20K for one company.

Big Red Ventures (2017)

Performed due diligence on startups by conducting founder, customer and subject matter expert interviews while considering team, product-market fit, and etc.

We-Cook (2016)

Acquired in 2016 - Synthesized expansion plan for the personal chef startup as COO, drafted pitch decks, and recruited new customers.



Dorm Room Fund (First Round Capital), Venture Partner

November 2017 - Present

  • Sourced, conducted due diligence and invested in pre-seed stage startups for a $3M fund focused on student led companies; leading to an investment of $20K for one company. 
  • Defining strategies for maximizing value for future and existing portfolio investments.

Accenture Federal Services, lead Senior Analyst

June 2013 - August 2017

  • Led 3-man team and iteratively improved project processes  which resulted in increased team efficiency and on-time success rate for project deliverables by 80%.
  • Diagnosed severe asset data quality issues. Designed and built Tableau dashboards in a cross functional role to visualize data quality, leading to senior client launching initiative to amend millions of assets’ data to ensure financial auditability.
  • Analyzed asset data and identified two key accounting issues affecting $292B worth of assets. Co-created recommended solution and influenced the client’s leadership team in implementing solution.
  • Developed business case for Accenture to build and sell permissioned blockchain.

Accenture Federal Services, Senior Analyst

June 2013 - August 2017

  • Led team, obtained buy-in from 15 teams and built automated audit modules to audit system access, leading to revocation of 37K of 100K access points, and reduction of 3-month audit timeline to 5 weeks.
  • Coordinated buy-in from 15 teams, drafted functional/technical requirements and KPIs, and implemented new process for onboarding hardware/software, leading to 40% reduction in labor hours.

Accenture Federal Services, Analyst

June 2013 - August 2017

  • Synthesized design requirements from 11 teams and built a product purchase estimation tool, which reduced internal pricing timeline from 2 weeks to 10 minutes, and reduced labor costs by 70%.
  • Performed product testing of mobile app resulting in high-quality product with low error rate.





Technical Skills




Electro Swing
Design Theory
Blockchain related Products



Cornell S.C. Johnson College of Business

May 2019


University of Maryland, College Park

Graduated May 2013





Phone: 240 505 8860
Address: iTHACA, NY